Reliable and “Always-on” electric transmission systems are generally taken as granted in modern societies. Nevertheless, modern grids are facing new technical and societal challenges which requires appropriate answers.

An extensive set of national and international standards regulates the design, the activity and the maintenance of power transmission systems. In accordance with the relevant regulations, UNIFIED SYSTEMS tools and experience are available to assist your engineering team in numerous aspects related to power transmission systems.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Transient stability
  • Electromagnetic transients
  • Cable ampacity
  • Protection system
  • HVDC systems modeling and simulation

UNIFIED SYSTEMS proposes software, consulting and training solutions, in the field of Power Transmission System.


We have a team of  experts in simulation software to achieve your advanced studies.



For this application we suggest:

  • EMTP

  • CYME


We offer comprehensive trainings and webinars programs to improve your simulation skills.