Power Systems

Power systems are perpetually in evolution to ascertain the availability of a reliable and valuable energy. All actors of this industry are facing challenges, sometimes complementary but additionally in opposition. With the aim to amend the efficiency and the quality of their systems, many companies from the manufacturers to the suppliers have to acclimate. Right now, the development of the renewable energies, the engenderment of sizably voluminous HVDC interconnections or the deployment of perspicacious grids are some examples of the major vicissitudes in the electrical industry. Most of these topics require studies and analyses, each one having its own specificities.

Whether you are involved in Renewables Energy, Transmission System or in the Industry, UNIFIED SYSTEMS will help you to design, analyze or amend your system thanks to a consummate accommodation offer.

Depending on your requirement, we propose state-of-the-art software (including after sales technical support), consulting accommodations and advanced trainings for our customers.

Power Transmission System

Reliable and “Always-on” electric transmission systems are generally taken as granted in modern societies. Nevertheless, ….

Distribution and Industrial System

Distribution and industrial power systems may be subject at any time to disturbances for distinct reasons. Studies are performed to maintain…

Renewable Energy

There is an growing demand for clean sources of energy such as wind, solar and geothermal energies. Sustainable development, however, involve the smart integration of renewable energy sources in

Substation Design

Substations are crucial components of power systems where transmission lines and distribution feeders are connected via circuit-breakers, bus-bars and power transformers…